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Youth Social Action

The Importance of Creating
Intergenerational Relationships

The importance of creating intergenerational relationships is crucial, now more than ever, when we see segregation across many parts of our communities. Intergenerational youth social action breaks down stereotypes and stigma, cultivation empathy, respect and understanding, tackling social issues now and in the future.  


We want to inspire young people through intergenerational practice, music and community awareness to take practical action, develop understanding and empathy and play an active role in how their community looks – contributing to their personal and professional wellbeing. We know that intergenerational social action can influence and inspire change but, only if we work together to embed a culture of intergenerational social action. We have seen the benefits surpass the individual, impacting wider community and future development. Benefits including the emergence of new meaningful relationships, decreased feelings of isolation and loneliness, increased sense of belonging, improved social and communication skills contributing to employment opportunities, skills and training for the younger generations. Exploring the unique interplay between individual and society and how they can be collectively understood as a pioneering impact of social action – for young people, families, older people and communities– is a key aspect of our delivery.   


EMPOWERING ACTIVISM to promote youth social action. 

Our programmes are designed to empower young people through Intergenerational Music practice to become local activists, tackling the issues of their generation. At present, there are a limited number of education courses and opportunities available in the UK that specialise in this field and offer comprehensive, practical based learning. The support we can offer aims to fill this gap across a wide range of communities and demographics, providing young people (specifically those facing socio-economic disadvantages) access to high quality training within the field of intergenerational practice, music and community activism - empowering, inspiring and skilling up the next generation. 


Youth United Foundation

Learn more about our projectss in partnership with YUF.



Intergenerational Youth Social Action

Find out more about IYSA, what it is and how to get started.

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