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At IMM, we believe in the power that the youth of today have to make a positive impact on society. 

Youth Social Action is all about engaging young individuals in activities that benefit their communities and empower them to create meaningful change. We are thrilled to be working across Richmond and Basingstoke areas to support young people in the area develop the skills and confidence they need to bring generations together through creativity.

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Youth Social Action

Richmond Parish Lands Charity

This spring we have delivered a Youth Social Action project with the kind support and funding from the Richmond Parish Lands Charity to empower young people in the local area. 

Throughout the 3 weeks, participants have had the opportunity to decide on their creative medium, design the session and deliver the community day. 

During the first session the young people decided to split into two groups and design two separate projects, with one focusing on art and the other group focusing on music. 

The workshops had an aim to “allow the elders to teach a technique to the younger generations and vice versa".

The project was deemed a huge success and showed an interest from the locals for more youth led projects that involve the older generation.

Basingstoke & Plymouth Innovation Labs:

Proudly collaborating with The Anvil Arts and Viables Craft Centre, we are bringing together members of the Cranbourne School and a local Youth Choir to bring this project to life. 

We are excited to share with you that from October 2023 we are going to be delivering another innovation lab in Plymouth at the Mount Tamar School, where we will work with year 7 students on their community engagement skills and support them with developing a project for members of their local community.


“It would be nice to have these sessions on a regular basis”, Wendy, elder participant.  

“Great group, very helpful, great way for people to meet” Francesca, 16  

“I learned how to help others” Francesca, 16. 

"For me is very nice to share with the elderly as my grandparents are far away so they become like grandparents to us and we can be like grandchildren to them" Cristina, 14  

"We learned what is youth social action and examples of young leaders who have made a positive impact for the world" Reece 18

"When the elderly come is very nice because we speak to them and they feel someone is listening to them, they feel heard" Cristina, 14

Case Study

Graham and Nikki

How music brought Graham and Nikki together.

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Case Study

Making Dreams a Reality

Learn how we supported TJ with the creation of her very own song.

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