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Bespoke Training To Develop Skills In Intergenerational Practise & Music For Wellbeing

Want to develop skills in using music for wellbeing and build intergenerational community connections? We offer bespoke training and consultancy to support you in taking those next steps.


Our training aims to inspire, equip, and further embed the use of music and more specifically intergenerational practice in care, health, community, and education settings. Training is delivered directly to care staff, volunteers, musicians and community leader and is shaped accordingly to empower individuals to develop their practice.


The Aims Of Our Training

Skill enhancement training aims to work with individuals and groups across sectors to improve their confidence and give them skills to use person-centred intergenerational music with younger and older generations. We provide half day, full day, online and in person training days shaped to meet the needs of your team and clients. We want to support you by providing theory and knowledge behind intergenerational music, health and wellbeing and then practical tools to implement the practice across your setting.


Who Is The Training For?

Our staff and senior artists can provide training to suit your organisation’s needs – whether you are just getting started on intergenerational arts or have many years of experience but would relish some fresh ideas. These highly practical intergenerational training sessions aim to help staff and students put across key musical skills and concepts in a fun and engaging way.


Learning Outcomes

  • To demonstrate a rounded understanding of what intergenerational music therapy is and its impact on both the young and the old.


  • To understand key approaches, including using virtual and in person delivery methods and how this can be adapted.


  • To consider client groups and how to adjust approaches to meet specific needs


  • To build individual confidence around the value of music therapy-based intergenerational approaches when working with both the young and the old


  • To feel confident in creating partnerships, setting up and delivering an intergenerational music therapy project online with their work


  • To have created and understood how to adopt the intergenerational music toolkit with their client group in a range of community settings


“The training was mind-blowing to me! It was extremely helpful for me to understand the clinical thinking behind music and intergenerational sessions. A big thank you!”

Tamer, Activities Co-ordinator for Jewish Care.

IMM continues to champion the value and skills of care workers. In addition to our commitment to recognising and acknowledging the essential contributions of care professionals, we are dedicated to advancing workforce development in the social care sector.


Our focus extends beyond sustainable recruitment practices, encompassing the design and delivery of comprehensive career progression opportunities for staff throughout the social care workforce. We understand the importance of providing the necessary support for individuals to access these opportunities, ensuring a flourishing and skilled workforce.


Moreover, we actively contribute to the development of social care leaders, empowering them to shape strategy and policy in health and social care. Through co-production efforts at local, regional, and national levels, we collaboratively formulate career development opportunities and workforce development plans, fostering inclusivity and engagement.


As part of our commitment to establishing inclusive, learning cultures within care in later life, we've witnessed the positive impact on both the workforce and the quality of care for older people. Our anniversary coincides with the unveiling of our latest initiative – bespoke training to develop skills in intergenerational practice and music for wellbeing.


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Zak Abel joined us at one of our intergenerational projects!


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