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IMM aims to promote and develop creativity in local communities throughout the UK by creating important partnerships between the Health and Education sector.  We aim to bring generations together to build a happier and stronger community, tackling isolation and mental health by connecting people across generations.  We work with individuals, families, groups and other organisations. As a non-profit group, we work to advance education, recreation, research, social welfare and social cohesion through musical creativity.


Our music projects bring together those as young as 3 months to those 100 years + through creative shared musical play.  Projects take place in schools, care homes, village halls, community and cultural organisations.Projects are led by our team of freelance music therapists, community musicians and students. They design activities to stimulate conversation and an exchange of ideas. Participants are often diverse in culture and faith as well as age group.

At IMM we aim to:
- Reduce isolation
- Improve sense of self-worth and self -esteem for older and younger alike
- Increase community cohesion
- Encourage promotion of memory and identification