Charlotte Miller: Director of IMM

Over the last twenty years, Charlotte Miller has worked within a variety of settings including schools, nurseries, children centers and NHS hospitals across South London in delivering a variety of Music/Health/Education and Intergenerational related services.  Charlotte works as an Early Years Music Specialist offering Intergenerational Music Therapy sessions and is a Director of a children’s music company called Tempo Tots which offers a variety of services throughout the UK.  These range from weekly live music making sessions to Music Therapy sessions, children’s classical concerts, skill enhancement training and inset days, choirs, health promotion evenings, first aid training and instrumental teaching.  

Charlotte trained at Trinity College of Music and then continued her studies at Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre where after completing her Masters in Music Therapy she continued to focus her work on musicianship, child development, aspects of psychology and pathology, early intervention and health promotion.  

Charlotte is a passionate Musician and Music Therapist working across many different age groups, but with particular interests in Early Years, older people, people living with long-term health conditions, intergenerational music-making, community, singing and creative reminiscence.

Charlotte has a huge belief in the impact of bringing different generations together and she is continually passionate and inspired by all those she meets and who are involved in the different music programmes.


IMM was born out of a desire to channel her professional music therapy, teaching, performing and leadership expertise into a venture that brings about positive social change for local communities.




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