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We want to start a new kind of conversation.

Intergenerational Music Making have just launched #musicalconversations, a new movement; putting music, culture and connection at the heart of our communities. This project is being ran in collaboration with the Chineke! Junior Orchestra.

The #musicalconversations movement aims to engage and connect generations through the sharing of cultural heritage, musical stories and creativity. We are promoting the voices of both the young and the old and offering a platform for those whom we work with within the care - social - education and health sectors to share their strories.


Rooted in this action we are sharing a message of creative hope by lifting up the voices of those who are using music to build creative connections. Intergenerational relationships are a key part of building back strong communities post Covid-19, but this will not happen automatically, and IMM has a role to play in creating the best possible conditions for thriving communities.

To get involved and join our new conversations, please email

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