Intergenerational phone support

Social connections are fundamental aspects to a person’s life. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we stay connected. We have linked in with local CAMHS and NHS services to provide regular phone calls to those in need of connection. We are linking residents in care homes with young people in our community who may be suffering from mental health or loneliness. We believe this could expand further encompassing different generations and creating lasting intergenerational connections.


To make a referral or self-refer please complete the referral form.


Due to resources available we are keen to ensure that those adults who would most need IMM music therapy input are seen as soon as possible for assessment and treatment


  • Do you consider this referral to be of HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW Priority?  

IMM Music therapy referrals should centre on the Emotional, Physical, Cognitive Social, Communication and Developmental needs of the adult.  
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