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Royal Albert Hall Conference

Our conference on the 22nd of February 2023 brought

together representatives of multiple sectors, to discuss why

intergenerational practice should be implemented

cross-sectionally and what needs to happen in order

for this to take place.


The event showcased innovative work, policy making

and pioneering research from across the sectors, and

included key speakers from Sport England, Care England,

UK Music, NHS, and the Housing and Education sectors.


The Keynote Speakers Were:


Charlotte Miller - Director of Intergenerational Music Making

Dr Claire Fuller - Chief Executive Surrey Heartlands NHS

Dr Stella Mearns - London Southbank University

Dr Zoe Wyrko - Director of Wellbeing, Riverstone Living

Hannah McLennan - UK Music’s Parliamentary and Research Manager

Martin Green - Chief Executive of Care England

Phil Smith - Executive Director of Sport England

Sunita Pandya - Chief Operating Office for National Academy of Social Prescribing

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