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Move & Groove

Where Are We
Currently Working?

Move & Groove – a collaboration with Youth Sport Trust, combining movement & music

Our Move & Groove project offers innovative training and projects which combine the worlds of music with movement. The pilot of this project is currently taking place in collaboration with Youth Sport Trust and South Bank University.

Move & Groove aims to tackle isolation, create community connection, empower staff and support in the physical and mental wellbeing of both the young and the old. The ultimate aim is for Move & Groove to become a regular national programme within care homes to accelerate the growth and impact of intergenerational practice and maximise the health and social benefits of young and old alike.

Take a look at our
Move & Groove site for more information about our internal projects.


10 School/Care Settings:

  • Huntingdon, Cambs

  • Ashford, Kent

  • Great Bookham, Surrey

  • Twickenham, Surrey

  • Wimbledon, London

  • Bury, Lancs

  • Reigate, Surrey

  • New Brighton, Merseyside

  • Weymouth, Dorset

  • Matlock, Derbys

In Collaboration With:

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Project Delivery & Benefits

Move & Groove is a 6-week programme that aims to empower teachers, care-givers and volunteers to give them the skills and confidence to deliver further workshops and sessions for people who they look after.

Through our sessions we are able to promote good mental health, support wellbeing and create a strong sense of community for those who we work with.

If you would like to enquire about getting involved, please email us at

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