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Music Therapy

Who Are We?

What Is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is based on the understanding that all human beings are able to respond

to music, irrespective of musical ability. It is used as a tool for expression that allows us to be in touch with our emotions more deeply and allows for freedom of communication, without the need for words.


Music therapists work with people of all ages who have psychological, behavioural,

learning or physical difficulties.

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What Happens In A Session?

The music therapist seeks to establish contact with the client through the shared use of musical sounds. A variety of musical instruments are made available. The sessions are non-directive enabling the children to use the space in whichever way they choose, within certain safety boundaries. A personal space is provided where each child/adult can use music to communicate their feelings and needs. The music therapist aims to get to know each child/adult as an individual. The client is encouraged to improvise, i.e. to “make-up” their own music. The music is uniquely improvised with the child/adult according to the child’s individual needs.

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What Is The Aim?

The aim of our work is to be closely involved in the department of the whole child/adult
and to help each individual achieve his or her full potential. This means .......

  • Helping a child/adult to grow towards milestones in their development, e.g.

  • Experimenting with voice, developing communication skills and learning to play spontaneously and imaginatively.

  • Helping the child/adult to focus on specific tasks.

  • Helping the child/adult to relate on a personal level with other people.

  • Helping the child/adult to express feelings in order to develop emotionally.

  • Helping the child/adult to think about, and understand, their own complex and challenging behaviour.

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What We Offer

Music therapy assessments and on-going music therapy for children and young people aged 3 months up to 100+.
Music Therapy training on the theory and knowledge behind MT.
Experiential Music Therapy workshops.
Music Therapy placements.
Training and consultation to professionals and the voluntary sector
Community outreach services to local children’s centres and schools including mainstream provision
Early intervention services in children’s centres
Health promotion work
Music and health projects
Skills enhancement training for parents, carers and professionals helping others use music as a vital agent for promoting a child’s development

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Music Therapy Evaluation

Take a look at our music therapy evaluation report - project in partnership with NHS.

How To Get Involved

If you would like further information or wish to make a referral, please contact:

Charlotte Miller
Director of IMM, Intergenerational Music Making CIC
Clinical Early Intervention Specialist Music Therapist
BMus Trinity College of Music, Flute Piano
Masters Music Therapy, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre, London HCPC registered
Tel: 07977404036

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