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Early Years Music

Early Years/Family Hub Programmes 

At IMM Music, we recognise the critical importance of the early years in a child's life. These formative years play a crucial role in developing essential skills and cultivating a lifelong passion for learning, which is fundamental for success in school.


Our early years initiatives encompass intergenerational sessions, training programmes, hubs and projects. Through the power of musical play, we create enriching experiences for children, caregivers, and early years practitioners. Our goal is to not only make learning enjoyable but also to equip young minds with the foundational language and numeracy skills necessary for a seamless transition into school.


Join us in the journey of using music as a catalyst for holistic early childhood development. Explore our programmes and witness firsthand how IMM Music is making a lasting impact on the preparation and well-being of young learners.


Youth United Foundation

Learn more about our projectss in partnership with YUF.



Intergenerational Youth Social Action

Find out more about IYSA, what it is and how to get started.

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