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Youth United Foundation

Youth United Foundation and IMM Collaboration

Together with Youth United Foundation (YUF), IMM has launched a new series of pilot projects supported by Royal London to connect uniform groups to their local care homes, in order to raise community cohesion and reduce social isolation. 

The initial six-week pilots included intergenerational music making and creative training for the young people, giving them the skills to use music as a tool to support their individual and community wellbeing.


The projects took place across 4 locations: Salford, Bridge of Weir in Scotland, Banstead and Horley.

The pilots were an amazing opportunity for different groups across the country to engage with people of a different generation through the power of music, and learn how impactful it is to engage cross-generationally. 

The power of music became particularly evident during the final session when Resident A was slow dancing with her husband. He expressed that she had forgotten they were married, but the session helped facilitate a connection, and they shared a touching moment.

After the session, Resident A's husband personally thanked the facilitators for the session. This experience highlights the significance of music in creating and maintaining meaningful connections, especially for those living with dementia.

“It brings people to life, people who might be withdrawn, for example, today we've had two residents who never really want to join in sessions, interacting and having fun with the kids, it's amazing.” - Lesley Moore (Activity Coordinator)

“The first week they were really nervous & apprehensive to come in. By week two, they're running in, they've made relationships, you can see the confidence shine through, the residents are really excited to see them, and the kids are excited to take the lead.” - Natalie Whipday (Director of Operations The Boys Brigade)


The project in Salford achieved amazing results:

  • 100% of children had an increase of confidence and a decrease of nervousness.

  • 47% Increase in confidence

  • 43% Reduction in apprehension to meet the elders



  • 34% Increase in overall wellbeing.

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