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Oldham Community Project

Oldham Community Project

Our community days in Oldham have been designed with one primary goal in mind: to connect the local community together through an innovative mixture of music and movement. In order to make this possible, we chose to work in partnership with Fitton Hill Library due to its diverse range of services that attracts the local community across all ages. 

Across the span of 5 weeks in which the project took place, we engaged 15 adults and 47 children from local care homes, schools, library staff and engaged members of the community.

By motivating physical activity, the project aimed to inspire creativity, fostering a sense of belonging and personal enrichment. Through shared experiences and collaborative activities, the project facilitated a space for intergenerational bonds to be created and for the local community to experience a project that was different from the ones they may have experienced before.

The project was deemed a success as participants were able to engage in physical activity that they would not previously have gotten, intergenerational bonds were formed and it became more clear to the community as to what kind of projects they would like to see more of in the future. 

"Would love for it to come back for a few more weeks. Chris is brilliant and makes everyone feel welcome" - Adult



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