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Zak Abel Visit

Intergenerational Music Project with Zak Abel

Following his resounding performance of "Don’t You Forget About Me" to a global audience of 12 million during the Coronation Concert, the talented British singer-songwriter, Zak Abel, joined IMM at one of our intergenerational music projects in Hammersmith.


After joining in with classics such as Doe a Deer, Zak performed a few songs including Don’t You Forget About Me, Good Times and his new single Woman - which he dedicated to Kitty, one of the residents.

The afternoon was filled with music and smiles all round. We want to thank Zak for bringing so much joy to our project and giving everyone involved an unforgettable day!


The project is designed to connect elderly residents at Sycamore House residential home with children from a Miles Coverdale primary school all through the power of music. Throughout the 6 week project, the residents and primary school children connected, sang and enjoyed time together which was facilitated by an IMM project lead that delivered fun and accessible games to all.

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