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Over the past nine weeks, a number of our therapy team have offered over the phone support to those in isolation suffering from loneliness and abandonment. It is vital that human connection and positive communication continues, and we are able to fully support those who need it the most.
We have an incredible in house counsellor who is offering 1:1 support to anyone who needs it.
To make a referral or self-refer please complete the referral form.
Please include a brief description about yourself and the support you are seeking:

Thank you for your enquiry.
We will get back to you as soon as we can,

Nicky Scott - Person-centred Counsellor 

Coming to talk to someone about your deepest most personal thoughts and feelings takes a lot of courage. I will offer you respect, honesty and understanding which I believe will help you to look at your most challenging and painful experiences that you are finding hard to deal with. I believe very strongly in the sincerity and openness of the counselling relationship, and that is why I chose to qualify as a Person-Centred Counsellor. The Person-Centred approach is centred around the counselling relationship. It respects the uniqueness of every individual; there is no technique, agenda nor right or wrong way to work through issues.   


Over the past fifteen years, I have had extensive training regarding relationship struggles/issues. I have worked one-on-one with men, women and young people who have been victims of child abuse, domestic abuse, and rape. I have also worked with individuals who are struggling with food disorders, self harm, suicidal tendencies, mental health issues, OCD, sexuality, HIV/Aids, stress, anxiety, personal loss, grief, anger, and self esteem issues.


Training Courses: •Sexual Exploitation •Domestic Violence •Drug Awareness •Safeguarding Children •Understanding Neglect •Alcohol Awareness •Vulnerable Adults •Self Harm and Suicide •Personality Disorder Awareness

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