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IMM's Hubs and The National Lottery Community Fund

IMM's Hubs and The National Lottery Community Fund

From the pandemic to the cost-of-living crisis, building resilient, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable communities is more important than ever during challenging times.  Resilient communities create a sense of connection and belonging as well as equipping people to influence what goes on where they live.


With its strategic vision and focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) – the largest community funder in the UK – has been leading the way in supporting community-led initiatives.


Over the past three years Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) has used almost £150,000 of funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to host 150 IMM Community Hub sessions. These sessions create community spaces where people of all ages and abilities can come together in a warm, welcoming and creative environment.


Thanks to the money raised by National Lottery players, IMM's hubs have been able to help deliver our shared goal of fostering the creation of resilient and empowered communities.


Supporting communities to come together

At the heart of TNLCF’s strategy lies the notion of empowering communities to lead their own initiatives. IMM's Community Hubs are co-designed by participants, ensuring they are tailor-made by the community for the community. This inclusive and adaptable approach provides a nurturing environment for grassroots projects to thrive. By offering resources, expertise, and networking opportunities, IMM's hubs empower local communities to take charge of their own development, ensuring that their unique needs and aspirations are met.


Promoting environmental sustainability

The National Lottery Community Fund recognises the pressing priority of environmental sustainability. IMM Community Hubs actively contribute to this objective by promoting eco-friendly practices and initiatives – from sustainable resource management to community gardens and renewable energy projects. The intergenerational hubs play a vital role in creating environmentally friendly communities that are conscious of the challenges of climate change.


Helping children and young people thrive

TNLCF places great importance on the wellbeing and development of children and young people. IMM have found through our various programs and activities, that they provide and offer a safe and nurturing space for children and young people to grow, learn, and thrive. From educational support to arts, cultural, literacy, physical, volunteering and youth social action programs, the hubs empower the younger generation, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Through connecting with people from older generations, IMM Community Hubs provide children with the chance to boost their confidence and gain greater empathy and understanding of the older generation.


Enabling people to live healthier lives

Health and wellbeing are crucial elements in building resilient communities. The National Lottery Community Fund recognises this and emphasises the importance of improving health outcomes. With our focus on holistic wellbeing, IMM's Community Hubs offer a range of health-related initiatives, including mental health support, access and signposting to healthcare services, training and encouraging members to become co-creators of their own health. Amongst the diversity of those who attend our hubs are children and older people who are referred by local mental health teams and link workers. By addressing the diverse health needs of communities, IMM's hubs contribute to the overall wellbeing and resilience of individuals and communities.


Intergenerational Music Making Community Hubs serve as a shining example of how community-led initiatives can effectively contribute to the creation of resilient and empowered communities. By aligning perfectly with The National Lottery Community Fund's strategy, IMM's hubs prioritise equity, diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability.


Through our inclusive, ambitious, and adaptable approach, IMM's Hubs support communities to come together, promote environmental sustainability, help children and young people thrive, and enable people to live healthier lives. Together, they play a pivotal role in the long-term development and resilience of communities across the UK.

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IMM Stats:

  • 240 community hub sessions across Surrey, London and Greater Manchester

  • Over 1200 people across generations

  • 90% of participants report feeling happier leaving the sessions

  • 85% return participation each week for 10 weeks

  • 75% of participants report feeling more connected to their community


Evidence we have: Key findings from systematic review evidence: community hubs

  • Boost social/community cohesion

  • Increase pride in area

  • Increase civic activity/participation

  • Build trust

  • Increase individuals’ knowledge/skills

  • Increase social networks

  • Increase social capital



This synthesis of practice-based case studies highlights the following THAT THE HUBS OFFER:


  • Additional community wellbeing benefits: community empowerment, new groups in the community forming.

  • Additional improvements in mental health.

  • Organisational benefits: opportunities for networking and partnership, raising organisational profiles, improved access to commissions/funding.

  • Unforeseen outcomes: new informal support networks in the community, creation of skills training programmes, ‘peer-led’ becoming widely appreciated, asset-transfer programme developed, reduction in health and social inequalities as community hubs support disadvantaged communities.

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