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Intergenerational Music Making

We design and deliver bespoke programmes, training and research to bridge the age gap and tackle isolation, loneliness and poor mental health.

Who we are

Intergenerational Music Making is a national not-for-profit organisation which brings people of all ages together.  Through the magical power of music we reduce loneliness, boost wellbeing and create  stronger communities.

What we do

Our bespoke music based programmes and training are designed to inspire connection and understanding across generations. We promote cross generational work through campaigning and research.

How we do it

We use music as a vehicle to connection, fusing together our music therapy and community arts knowledge with sports, nature and creativity to bridge societal gaps and connect people of all ages.

Who is it for?

Our services benefit people of all ages and abilities. We work across care homes, retirement communities, nurseries, schools, hospitals and community spaces to tackle isolation, reduce loneliness and improve mental health and wellbeing.



 IMM's programmes include:

  • Community music hubs

  • Digital projects

  • Music and movement projects

  • Music and gardening projects

  • NHS, hospital based projects.

Discover how we are working towards stronger communities.


Continuity is key to successful initatives that bridge the generational gap. That is why we are passionate about training care home staff, teachers and everyone in between to gain the confidence, tools and knowledge of how to run music sessions in their settings with maximum benefit.

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Research is a crucial part of IMM's mission. By continuing to understand the places and faces we work with, we are constantly evolving to maximise the benefits of our work. Take a look at our findings.

Latest News

Intergenerational England

Announcing a new body to tackle age segregation and drive cross generation activity.

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Talking Generations


Designed to get generations across the nation talking!

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