Intergenerational Music Making


Connecting and bringing together generations in their local communities through intergenerational music projects  

Intergenerational Music Making, IMM is one of the UK’s pioneer of intergenerational music projects.  


We are the first UK music therapy intergenerational CIC company connecting and bringing together generations in their local communities through intergenerational music therapy projects.  


We bring together local schools, care homes, colleges and universities in creating exciting and meaningful music projects to improve well-being, mental health, tackle loneliness and help integrate local communities.


 We believe everyone should have the chance to live life to the full. Our intergenerational music programmes give children and older people the opportunity to do so. Working together they create music projects that they can feel proud of, gain an increased sense of belonging and feelings of wellbeing.







Care to Create Best Bits

Across our communities, people are isolated and vulnerable. It is so important, now more than ever, that communities remain strong and positive and that we do what we can to help those in need. We are calling for all creatives to step forward and spread light, love and creativity to all those around you!
Care to Create draws on the digital and non-digital, virtual and tangible. 

Since the outbreak, we have been unable to offer our clients the artistic, intergenerational interventions many of them rely on. Therefore, we felt it was vital to approach the pandemic imaginatively and creatively. Social isolation and loneliness are nothing new to IMM and, now more than ever, we believe the arts have the transformative power to bring people together in ways we could not have foreseen.


This year we have had the honour of being shortlisted for 6 different awards and we couldn't be more pleased! 

2020 has been a tough year for all and although it has kept us apart Covid-19 is changing what we value as a society. We are redefining the meaning of the word 'community' realising that we can not get through difficult times on our own. That is why we are passionate about building and sustaining friendships through the creative arts. They are a vessel for communication, compassion and kindness that promote strong and active connections and we have seen first hand the magic caring to create for others has had on mental wellbeing and morale. It has been an absolute pleasure to have still been able to provide this by reimagining our approach.


It has been an eye opening journey that hasn't always been easy, finding new ways and platforms to stay connected. That is why it is an absolute honour to be recognised for our work and the amazing efforts of our team.


Here is more about the fantastic awards that we have been shortlisted for and the incredible organisations behind them...

Markel 3rd Sector Care Awards

Organised by                                                  and developed in conjunction with                                            . The Awards are designed to reward the hard work, dedication, innovation and excellence of everyone working in the not-for-profit sector who is making a positive difference to people’s lives. 

We are overwhelmed by their choice to make us finalists for 5 of their awards! 

Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance 2020 Awards 

The Creative Arts Award

Is for those who are using the arts to engage with vulnerable people, improving their quality of life. We were nominated for this award for the launch of our Care To Create Campaign that saw children share their arts and music with Care home residents & staff, key workers and the NHS. 

The Compassion Award

Celebrating a team or individuals who constantly demonstrate compassion. Going above and beyond to ensure that people feel safe and respected. We were chosen for this for our IMM Community Music Hub. 

Campaigning For Change Award

For those raising awareness for their cause. Helping other people to get involved and make a change. IMM were nominated for this award for our work on improving the health and wellbeing for the most vulnerable in our communities. 

Community Engagement Award

This award celebrates organisations that are working with businesses and communities to develop relationships.We were chosen for this award for our work over the past 2 years using the arts to build stronger intergenerational communities through training, tailored projects and intergenerational workshops. 

Collaboration Award

Recognising ways of working in partnership with other organisations or services, achieving outcomes that would otherwise not have been achieved. IMM were nominated for this award for our work with the Chineke! Junior Orchestra creating our new & successful initiative #MusicalConversations.                                         .   

These are the first ever              annual awards! Aiming to showcase good practice and people who are leading the way in creating a culture of care for each other, their communities and the world.

We have been shortlisted for their Collective Power Award in partnership with the                          . They were looking for inspiring projects or programmes that had brought together different fields. Submissions had to involve culture or the arts, and they also needed to demonstrate how they engaged with health, care or wellbeing partners. We are so pleased to have been chosen for this award for our intergenerational work! 

Children and Young People Now Awards 2020 

We are so thrilled to have also been shortlisted for the Children and Young People Now Awards in the Arts and Culture category. This is an award for the initiative that has done the most to inspire children and young people in cultural activities, such as music, dance, drama or the visual arts, especially among disadvantaged groups, and where collaboration is shown between public services, the cultural sector and children and young people. We have been shortlisted for our #MusicalConversations project! 

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