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Pendleton Court & The Boys Brigade

Our partnership with the Youth United Foundation has allowed us to set up a 6 - week intergenerational project, where the Boys Brigade and residents of Pendleton Court were brought together for musical session. The project was a huge success with both of the organisations working hard to keep the relationships formed during the project going post project.

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“The first week they were really nervous & apprehensive to come in. By week two, they're running in, they've made relationships, you can see the confidence shine through, the residents are really excited to see them, and the kids are excited to take the lead.”


Natalie Whipday (Director of Operations The Boys Brigade)

“It was really good. I've utilised the training already, we found the residents really enjoyed it. It brings people to life, people who might be withdrawn, for example, today we've had two residents who never really want to join in sessions, interacting and having fun with the kids, it's amazing.”


Lesley Moore (Activity Coordinator)

Community Day at Eccles Library

Residents of Pendleton Court enjoyed meeting with different generations so much, we've established a great partnership with them. We brought together the residents and children from St Mary's RC Primary School at Eccles library for a fun morning filled with music games, opportunities to connect and of course a cup of tea and lots of biscuits. The session was a wonderful opportunity to connect the two generations, foster empathy and understanding and improve community cohesion in the region.


"We all really enjoyed the experience, especially watching the older people's enthusiasm. Please let us know if you're running any other sessions as we'd love to be involved."


Claire Hesford, teacher


"Everyone looked like they were having a fab time!" 


Claire Gorton – Eccles library

Other Manchester Based Projects

As part of Bridgewater Hall's community members open day, IMM ran a series of songwriting and music workshops. With expert guidance and hands-on activities, the workshops provided an interactive space for individuals to tap into their inner creativity and understand the power of music as a universal language. Collaborative songwriting sessions, insightful discussions, and interactive exercises enriched the experience, offering valuable insights into the art and craft of songwriting. The Bridgewater's community members open day served as an inclusive platform, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate the magic of music.


Thank You Day

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Case Study

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