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TwM - Song Writing Tour Locations

4 Nations Songwriting Tour

The purpose of the tour was to support people in taking steps back towards their community post lockdown, using the power of music to celebrate connection and give hope for the future.


Day 1: Creative Learning

This day focussed on empowering young people, care staff, musicians and volunteers in developing a deeper understanding of the place music has within health and wellbeing. Through theory, knowledge and practical workshopping, participants were encouraged to build their own intergenerational 'music toolbox.’  


Looking into current societal issues, loneliness, isolation, dementia, mental health and aging to further support our understanding around key practices including; music therapy, community music and musicking.  

Day 2 : Creative Connections

This day aimed to celebrate connection and provide opportunities for trainees to put new skills into practice. An intergenerational group came together and through the power of music and song writing as a vehicle into the sharing of stories, culture, and heritage, providing agency to feelings surrounding the pandemic and building strong connections and mutual respect

Tour Locations

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Student from the Royal Northern College of Music

This participant took part in both days and it was wonderful to see her growth in confidence as the workshops evolved. When she arrived, she was very withdrawn and nervous, not wanted to contribute or participate in many of the physical warmups. As day 1 developed, she began to open up to ideas around lyrics especially during the ‘My Favourite Things’ activity which provided an opportunity to celebrate her identity. On day 2, there was a clear evolution in confidence and self-agency. This participant took the lead on her music group when it came to writing original songs, creating melody on her cello and inspiring the group to build around it. When it came to performing, this student took the lead in introducing and conducting the rest of her group.

  • Northern Ireland

  • Manchester

  • Woking

  • Redditch

  • Edinburgh

Louise & Gregory

One story that celebrates the power of people and music is that of Louise and Gregory. Louise and Gregory took part in the 4 Nation Songwriting at the Millenium Forum in Derry. We spent the afternoon sitting and talking with the couple, hearing about their story of love and loss, distance and reconnection. It was from their story that we were able to create a new, original song, one rooted in their identity and their history, providing a space and platform for them to share who they were. Our team felt truly humbled to have been a part of this and we are excited to share it with you!

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“We want to thank you all so very much for sharing your joy and amazing talent helping make our dream of writing our song and sharing our story come true” 

Louise and Gregory

“ I loved making new friends and I would love to volunteer for the projects” 


“ It was so brilliant to connect with everyone, it’s the first time I have really been back since Covid.”


“ Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story and write my song, I am so grateful and emotional and can now tick it off my bucket list.”


“ I feel so inspired by the workshops and ready to use music to help people and connect.”

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