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Warm Welcome - Our Community Hubs

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Warm Welcome is a fantastic campaign which is supporting organisations to open their doors and provide a warm welcome to those struggling to heat their homes this winter.

IMM is thrilled to be a Warm Welcome partner. 

IMM Music Hubs offer warm, creative and inclusive spaces across Surrey - IMM Community Hubs.

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The hubs provide a warm space to reduce loneliness and social isolation within communities. They are completely free to attend, making them ideal spaces to keep warm, have fun and meet people without spending a penny.

IMM hubs also generate partnerships between community groups to create ongoing opportunities for socialising, volunteering and community connection. The hubs are inclusive for everyone regardless of age or musical ability. These weekly morning sessions are free of charge and bring people of all generations together to enjoy music and creative activities.

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Activities are unique to each hub as they are co-designed by those who attend with the support of IMM’s professional musicians, artists and creatives. We always work with our community to design the most engaging activities to promote community cohesion, and ensure that everyone who attends has the most fulfilling time.

Our hubs are not only designed to act as intergenerational hubs for creativity, but they inspire long-lasting friendships, support those living with dementia and reduce loneliness in the community. Take a look at our case study

To find out more about the Warm Welcome campaign and locations new you, visit their site today.


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