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Together With Music

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Together With Music – connecting care homes, schools and youth groups.

Together with Music is a virtual, intergenerational music programme; a partnership between IMM and Care England, that builds connections between care homes, residents, older people and their local schools and youth groups. 


Since the launch of Together with Music in 2020, the platform has been host to over 1,450 organisations across the health, social care, education and arts sector establishing so many new, intergenerational connections and demonstrating that during a challenging time of distance and isolation, music prevails and has inspired incredible connection. 

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How do I get involved?

The process is really simple! Organisations and groups can sign up to the FREE Membership site. Once you are a member, your own personal 'Together with Music Connector' will be in touch and will be there to support you - starting with finding and connecting you with a local group! Every connection begins with sharing your song! #itstartswithasong

What Do I Get?

  • Creative Resources

  • Toolkit of activities

  • LIVE sessions

  • Fundraising support

  • Map of Connection

  • Blogs and News

Sign up to Together With Music today!

“I can see the difference Together with Music is making and the multitude of benefits that come from connections between generations and communities. Together with Music is creative and responsive and is going to be transformational for overall wellbeing and quality of life.”


Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO of Care England

TwM Song Writing Tour


Together with Music 4 Nations Songwriting Tour was an exciting project that spanned the whole of the UK linking in with people in care homes, assisted living, schools, music groups and community members, including those living with dementia and those suffering from isolation and loneliness.

This project was an incredible example of how the music must be implemented as part of our countries healing and future prosperity, further uniting us through shared musical experiences.


The Tour Focused On:

  • Bringing people of all background and ability together to celebrate music and life

  • Empowering people to use their voice to share their story

  • Reintroducing people into the power of music making

  • Supporting local volunteers and musicians through creation and facilitation

  • Building stronger, healthier and more integrated communities through music and understanding

  • Promoting strong partnerships across sectors and communities

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