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Talking Generations

It is a transformative campaign that seeks to bridge the gap between

different age groups, fostering understanding, empathy, and

meaningful connections.

At its core, it aims to raise awareness of how different

generations can come together to create more cohesive

communities, combat ageism and improve mental health for all.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the mesmerising

performances by our intergenerational choir. Their harmonious

voices resonated through the station, creating a vibrant atmosphere

that captured the essence of intergenerational connections. 


The power of music to bridge generational gaps was evident as people from all walks of life gathered to listen, sing along, and celebrate the bonds that unite us.

Featured on ITV London


Adding to the excitement of the day, we were

honoured to be joined by the ITV filming crew,

capturing the essence of our campaign and the

positive impact it has on fostering intergenerational

connections.  The broadcasted feature on ITV London

showcased the importance of creating age-friendly

communities and the transformative

potential of intergenerational relationships.



We were particularly delighted to have Lord Kamall

and his band perform at the launch. Their incredible talent and passion for music brought an extra layer of magic to the event. Their presence was a true testament to the significance of our cause and the support we have garnered from individuals dedicated to building bridges between generations.

The engagement from the public was truly heartwarming. We witnessed individuals of all ages enthusiastically participate in picture-taking, engage in conversations, and share our messaging with their friends and family.


It was a beautiful display of the power of dialogue and understanding across generations. We are immensely grateful to everyone who took the time to connect and contribute to the success of the event.

Our Social Media Campaign - Get Involved Today

Get involved on social media in 3 easy steps:


1 - Pick a picture with someone you connect with

2 - Let us know your story of connection in the caption

3 - Don't forget to use the hashtag #TalkingGenerations


Join the movement today and help us create better and more connected communities.


Share your stories of connection online, whether it's your grandparent, neighbour, aunt or friend we want to hear how you connect!



It starts with a conversation...

So let's talk

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