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Our Programmes

IMM Programmes

Find out more about our range of programmes and how our work is impacting communities across the UK. If you would like to work with us to create more engaged communities, take a look at our How To Get Involved page to learn about our current project and volunteer opportunities.

Together With Music

Together With Music

Find out more about our song writing tour and how we support care homes, schools and youth groups.


Music Therapy

Learn about music therapy benefits and how our services can have an impact within your community setting.


Move & Groove

Take a look at our partnership programme with Youth Sport Trust, revolving around positive impact of movement and music.

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Find out how we're helping to bridge the gap between those living with dementia and people around them

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IMM Community Hubs

Our weekly community hubs offer unique music workshops for those that attend! Learn more here.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

Clinical Commissioning Groups

Find out how we're building communities between care home settings and schools in the Surrey area.

Runwood case study

Training in a care home setting

Learn more about how we run training sessions in a care home setting

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Building connections to reduce isolation

Find out more about how music can combat isolation

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